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Top reasons why you should avoid a DIY divorce

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law

If you’re thinking about getting divorced, you might want to get through the process as quickly as possible. To do so, you may be wondering if it’s best to navigate your divorce on your own. After all, you know the facts of your case and what you want out of your future, so why not save a few dollars and some time by just negotiating your divorce on your own?

The dangers of DIY divorce

Although going it alone may seem appealing in your divorce, it may not be in your best interests. In fact, trying to negotiate a marriage dissolution on your own can be extraordinarily risky. Here are just some of the dangers that you might face by trying to divorce your spouse on your own:

  • More costs: Most people who want to negotiate a divorce settlement on their own do so because they think that they’ll save money on legal fees. While that may be true, the actual costs of your divorce may be much higher if you forego legal representation. This is because you might miss out on financial opportunities during negotiations. You might end up with less than your fair share of the marital estate, and you may end up saddled with more than your fair share of marital debt. So, think twice before choosing to navigate your divorce alone.
  • Missing hidden assets: All too often, individuals who are going through divorce try to hide marital assets with the intent of removing them from the property division The hope is that these individuals will then be able to keep those assets for their own personal use post-divorce. This is unfair and against the intent of the law. But if you don’t know what to look for, you might miss signs that your spouse is hiding assets from you.
  • Arguing based on emotions: It’s easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of the divorce process. This can hinder you when you’re addressing matters like child custody. Instead of trying to cut the other parent down, you need to focus on the statutory factors that a court will take into consideration when deciding your case. If you’re unfamiliar with the law, you might not know how to effectively tailor your arguments to reach the outcome you want.
  • Missing logistical steps: The law is very technical. Therefore, if you make a procedural misstep, you could put yourself at a real disadvantage. You may even end up with judgments and orders against you that you otherwise could’ve easily avoided. It’s easier to make these mistakes when you’re trying to complete a divorce on your own.
  • Lack of support: You’re going to go through a lot when you’re trying to dissolve your marriage. While you might be able to find support from family and friends, the process can feel pretty lonely when you’re advocating for yourself.

How should you proceed through your divorce?

Only you can answer this question. With that said, you need to be able to make fully informed decisions that you think are best for you and your children. To do so, you need to know the law and how to appropriately apply it to your case.

There are lots of ways to ensure that you’re able to appropriately get through your divorce. Therefore, you might want to continue researching your options so that you can choose the avenue that makes the most sense for you and puts you on the path to a successful post-divorce life.