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Your family law case can be difficult and stressful. At The Law Office of Angela Flouras Rieck, my goal is to make your situation less difficult. I am family law attorney Angela Flouras Rieck, a Lancaster County native. I have devoted myself to practicing only in Lancaster County and am dedicated to serving my community with affordable, compassionate legal assistance. To learn more about my background, read here:

Trusted Guidance In Difficult Times

For well over a decade, I have helped residents of Lancaster County with all types of family law cases. I strive to give every client the personalized attention they deserve, explaining every aspect of their cases so that they can make educated decisions about their situations. Whether you face a divorce, a custody matter or domestic violence, you are going through an emotionally difficult time. I am here to make sure you understand your options and help you focus on your future.

In my years of practice, I have found that negotiating a settlement often helps my clients move forward with less stress for less cost. However, certain situations leave no other option than going to court, and I have the litigation experience needed to aggressively defend your interests.

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I look forward to discussing how I can help you. Please schedule an appointment by calling my office at 717-985-8938 or reaching out online.