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Four actions you shouldn’t take in your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Divorce

There’s a lot to think about and accomplish when you head into divorce. While much of your time will be spent developing action steps to protect your interests during the marriage dissolution process, there are also several things that you shouldn’t do.

If you make an error during your divorce, then you could be disadvantaged moving into the next phase of your life. That’s why in this post we want to look at some steps you should avoid taking, that way you don’t inadvertently become your own worst enemy.

Don’t do these things during your divorce

Several missteps can be made during divorce proceedings. Some of them are easily correctible and have a negligible impact on your future. Others, though, can reshape what your post-divorce life will look like. With so much on the line, let’s look at some of the costlier mistakes that you’ll want to avoid in your case:

  1. Weaponizing the process as a way to get back at your spouse: Your failed marriage might leave you with deep emotional wounds. As a result, it can be tempting to use the divorce process to punish your spouse. But doing so could backfire, making the process longer, more expensive, and more contentious. If you have to fight over every little thing in your divorce, then you put yourself at risk of losing out on those things that matter most to you.
  2. Putting your kids in the middle: It’s inevitable that your children will be impacted by your divorce. After all, life as they know it is about to change. However, you can shield them from the brunt of divorce by keeping them out of the middle of your marriage dissolution. Avoid using your kids as messengers, don’t talk poorly about the other parent in front of your children, and encourage your children to spend time and develop a relationship with their other parent so long as it is safe for them to do so. Putting your children in the middle of your divorce will only cause them harm and make it more challenging for them to adapt to their newfound reality.
  3. Signing something you don’t understand: You’re probably going to try to negotiate some sort of divorce settlement before your case is litigated in court. While this gives you the opportunity to secure a fair and favorable outcome, it can also put you at risk of losing out on key assets and time with your children if you’re not careful. So, before you sign off on a divorce settlement, thoroughly read through it and ensure you fully understand it.
  4. Hiding or squandering away assets: The property division process is going to be one of the focal points of your divorce. Your spouse is going to expect their fair share of the marital estate from the process. If you hide or spend down marital wealth, you’re going to be accused of wrongdoing. This can land you in hot water with the court, and you may end up having to fork over more assets to your spouse as a result.

Have a sound legal strategy going into your divorce

To the untrained eye, the divorce process can seem relatively simple. Yet, the process can be complicated by intricate issues that are fact specific and unique to your set of circumstances. That’s why you need a tailored approach to your marriage dissolution. By taking the time necessary to build your legal strategy, you’ll hopefully have a solid gameplan heading into negotiations and litigation, thereby increasing your chances of securing the outcome you want for yourself and your children.