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Is it possible to live together with your ex following a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce

Many couples in Lancaster who divorce strive to have an amicable relationship with one another after their marriage has ended, especially if they have children. But can some divorced couples get along so well following their split that they continue to reside together? The following are some reasons why a couple might take the unusual step of continuing to live together following their divorce.

Finances following a divorce

Divorce can have a major financial impact on spouses. Often, they are moving from a two-income household to a one-income household. Alternatively, one spouse may have been out of the workforce while married and is now facing the prospect of having to find a job to support themselves.

Given today’s economy and the ever-rising cost of housing, it is easy to see why it could be a major struggle to afford separate living accommodations following a divorce. For this reason, some couples might take the rare step of continuing to reside together following their divorce, at least until they both can find affordable housing.

Birds-nesting following a divorce

When couples with children divorce, the question comes up about who the child will live with and when. Parents are rightfully concerned that frequent back-and-forth between households following a divorce can be difficult for their child. Parents want to minimize the impact their divorce will have on their child’s routine.

For these reasons, some parents choose “birds-nesting” child custody arrangements. In a traditional birds-nesting arrangement, the child stays put in the family home and the parents rotate between living with the child in the family home when it is their parenting time, and living in a separate apartment when it is not.

Some parents, however, might make the unusual decision to continue to reside together to make the birds-nesting arrangement easier for all. This might work best if parents have separate bedrooms or even separate wings or floors of their home.

Residing together after a divorce is rare

It is rare for a couple to decide to continue living together following their divorce. While they may believe they have good reasons for doing so, they will want to ensure that doing so is mentally healthy for both of them. Most couples desire space and privacy following their divorce and living with their ex means a lot of close contact. Living together following a divorce might be possible for some, but ultimately, even these unusual arrangements are generally temporary in nature and are contingent on finances and a family’s needs.