The Child Custody Process in Lancaster County, PA

While child custody laws are the same throughout Pennsylvania, the legal process for a custody action can vary greatly from county to county. In Lancaster County, PA, a custody action is started by the filing of a Custody Complaint.  That complaint then is served on the other party or parties involved in the custody action.  Approximately six weeks after the filing of the custody complaint, a custody conciliation conference is held.  At that conference, all of the parties and their attorneys meet with a custody conference officer to discuss the custody situation.  If the parties can agree to a custody schedule, a Custody Order will be entered.  If there is no agreement at that initial custody conference, there will either be a follow up conference or a custody hearing will be scheduled.

A custody hearing (sometimes referred to as a custody trial) is where each party has the opportunity to present evidence (witnesses and exhibits) to show why he/she should be granted custody.  These hearings are in front of a judge and are more formal judicial proceedings.

It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney guide you through this process and to help you protect your family.   Contact The Law Office of Angela Flouras Rieck to discuss your custody action in Lancaster County, PA