Divorce Lawyer - Negotiation Before Litigation

Attorney Rieck knows how difficult the dissolution of a marriage can be and can help you through the process, regardless of how complex it is.  No matter how "simple" you may think your divorce is, it is very important that the proper procedures be followed to ensure that your rights are protected.  An experienced attorney can also advise you regarding alimony (or spousal support) and a reasonable division of marital assets.  While our goal is to negotiate settlements rather than bring your matter before a judge, sometimes litigation is necessary.  Please be assured that Attorney Rieck is experienced in divorce litigation matters in Lancaster, PA and will guide you throughout the entire process. 

Postnuptial Agreements - Making Sure You’re Prepared For Anything

Throughout separation and/or divorce, it is often imperative that you and your spouse put any agreement for distribution of assets, alimony or any other issue in writing in a formal Post-Nuptial agreement.  Attorney Rieck is experienced in drafting these settlement agreements and will negotiate to get you the appropriate result, given your specific situation and applying the law of equitable distribution and alimony.